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Soft Modelling Clay 10p/k

Soft Modelling Clay 10p/k

SKU: 006-FM81200X

Fimo, the popular polymer clay noted for its firmness, is now available in a softer, easier-to-condition form. The softer formula makes it easier for children to use, though it is still firmer than other brands.


Fimo Soft Polymer Clay is available in a variety of bright colors. It's intermixable with Classic Fimo, and like Classic Fimo it hardens in the kitchen oven.


Set of 10 — This set contains ten, 1 oz blocks of Fimo Soft. One each of White, Mandarin, Brilliant Blue, Peppermint, Black, Indian Red, Tropical Green, Caramel, Lemon, and Violet. Instructions included.

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