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Dakota 6300 Pro Series Brushes

Dakota 6300 Pro Series Brushes

SKU: 011-P6300SET500

Princeton's long handle synthetic bristle brush has excellent stiffness, snap, and hair shape retention for maximum control. It's easier to clean than natural bristle. It's recommended for use with heavier paints.


Used for blending and figurative work, this top-grade synthetic hair holds and absorbs more paint and stands up to heavy body acrylics, and water-soluble oils.

It possesses the same stiffness as natural bristle, however, unlike its natural counterpart it retains its shape and stiffness.


Each brush features a rich, distinctive gold ferrule and black lacquered wood handle.


  • Details

    Princeton Dakota Synthetic Hog Bristle Brushes, Set of 4 — This set includes one each of Bright 6, Flat 10, Filbert 4, and Round 2, all with long handles. The industry standard, Dakota brushes have synthetic hog bristles that excel with oil and acrylic paints. Stiffer hair provides excellent control and placement of color.

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