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Elite 4850 Pro Series Brushes

Elite 4850 Pro Series Brushes

SKU: 011-P4850SET400

Kolinsky Sable has long been recognized as the standard of excellence, a benchmark of how other natural hair and synthetic watercolor brushes perform.


Princeton Elite Series 4850 Brushes feature synthetic brush hair that is almost indistinguishable from natural Kolinsky in appearance, performance, and durability — at a more affordable price. Qualities of these brushes include maximum color-holding ability, excellent shape retention, fine points and tapered edges for precise details, and comfortable handles for lengthy painting sessions.


Intended for watercolor painting, Princeton Series 4850 Elite Brushes can also be used for acrylic and oil paints.

  • Details

    Princeton Elite Synthetic Sable Brushes, Set of 4 — This set includes one each of Angle Shader 1/2", Round 2, Round 8, and Wash 3/4", all with short handles. These affordably priced brushes feature Princeton’s NextGen synthetic hair, which replicates natural Kolinsky, yet holds more paint and releases color evenly.

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