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White Premium Acrylic Gesso

White Premium Acrylic Gesso

SKU: 8170204405

Because one coat is generally all you need for superior coverage, Fredrix Premium Gesso is a great value for artists of all levels.


This professional-grade, acrylic titanium primer is made from the finest raw materials available. The extremely smooth, acid-free formula is easy to apply and dries to a flexible finish that's highly resistant to cracking or peeling.


Beyond canvas, Fredrix Premium Gesso may be used to prime any non-oily surface such as hardwood, plywood, paperboard, dry plaster, masonry, concrete, Masonite, and other hardboards.


If desired, multiple coats of Fredrix Premium Gesso may be applied without concern for lack of adhesion.


Available in 1 quart jug.

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