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Academy Acrylic Colour Mixing Set 6pk

Academy Acrylic Colour Mixing Set 6pk


Color Mixing Set — This introductory Mixing Set is ideal for learning color theory. It contains five 75 ml tubes including Process Magenta, Process Cyan, Process Yellow, Grumbacher Red, and Ultramarine Blue.

  • Product Info

    Grumbacher's Academy line is ideal for the art student, offering near professional quality at a uniform and affordable price. Unlike many of the so-called "budget" brands, Grumbacher uses genuine and pure pigments, such as pure cadmiums, to produce Academy Acrylics.  Since Academy Acrylics are subjected to the same tough quality standards as Grumbacher's professional paints, colors are supremely consistent from batch to batch. This means that students can easily achieve the right color mixtures without frustration or waste.

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